We are an architecture office with more than 40 years of experience in different fields, both in the field of construction (new construction, rehabilitation and reform) as in urbanism (planning, urbanization works) and in the different managements of all kinds related to both.

Each project in which we are involved responds to the needs and concerns of the client, adapting the solution to the field in which it operates and the characteristics of the program, to adjust to what was agreed.

With a multipurpose team, we give answers to clients from more than 5 countries (Spain, Holland, Belgium, USA, Sweden, Germany, etc.).

We make architecture for people.

Ismael Aparicio Duque

ETSAM architect

Laura Aparicio Álvarez

ETSAG architect

Pedro Esteves

UE/OASRN architect

Antonio Núñez Crespo


Ricardo Megía Medialdea


Marta Alvarez Lillo



Civil Engineers

Miguel Angel León Casas

Carlos León Robles

Industrial Engineers

Esteban Vargas Salmerón

Technical Industrial Engineers

HERQUESA Ingenieros

Technical architects

Luis Cerezo Plaza

Computer services

Grupo Trevenque